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Meet the Doctor 


Dr. Anthony Le D.C. 

Dr. Anthony Le is a NWA native. Dr. Le grew up in Springdale and graduated from Har-Ber high school. 

After graduating from Missouri Southern State University with a Bachelors in Biology, Dr. Le furthered his education at Cleveland Chiropractic where he earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree. 

During his time in Kansas City, Dr. Le was able to work at the VA hospital and the KC Care Clinic. Dr. Le has spent the last year working as an associate doctor in Bentonville, Arkansas. 

Anthony Le is married to his best friend, Nicole, and they have spend all their free time with their two littles, Carson and Nixon.

Areas of interest

Mother and Baby
Prenatal and Pediatric care 

Pregnancy can really take its toll on your body. Low back pain and headaches shouldn't be the norm. 

Our kiddos need care too. Chiropractic can help with multiple symptoms your child may be dealing with. Chiropractic has been proven effective for ear infections, poor sleep, bed wetting, and colic. 

Lacrosse Huddle
Sports Chiropractic 

The body is a powerful machine when everything is working and moving the way it should. There are many professional athletes that lean heavily on chiropractic care for optimum performance. 


All 32 NFL teams offer chiropractic care to their athletes.



Osteopath at Work
General Wellness

We often get caught up in pain being a reason to see a chiropractor. Pain is typically the last symptom we experience before realize there is a problem. 


Patients who get regular adjustments state they sleep better, have better energy, and report they simply feel healthier. 

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